Từ điển trực tuyến miễn phí cho người Việt. Cung cấp 2 bộ từ điển chính: Anh - Việt và Việt - Anh. Kho từ đồ sộ cùng hệ thống gợi ý từ thông minh, Laban Dictionary giúp tra cứu nhanh chóng nhất. Cambridge Dictionary - English dictionary, English-Spanish translation and British & American English audio pronunciation from Cambridge University Press Urban Thesaurus. The Urban Thesaurus was created by indexing millions of different slang terms which are defined on sites like Urban Dictionary. These indexes are then used to find usage correlations between slang terms. The official Urban Dictionary API is used to show the hover-definitions.

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The Urban Dictionary is the website you are currently on. This website wastes a lot of your time. Like right now. You are reading this definition of The Urban Dictionary instead of doing something productive. So? Why are you still reading this?

Trust us when we say you’ll want to put down your lunch when you read these 37 completely disgusting Urban Dictionary definitions: Di Weekend - analyser och artiklar om Di Weekend - Dagens industri. Di Weekend.

Di urban dictionary

Temukan video pendek yang berkaitan dengan rekt urban dictionary di TikTok. Tonton konten populer dari kreator berikut: Urban Dicktionary(@urbandicktionary), 😚urban dictionary😚(@.urban._.dictionary), urban_dictionary(@www.urbandictionary), comment people‼️(@urbandictionary.1), Kimmie Mcnelly(@kimmiemcnelly) . Temukan video pendek yang berkaitan dengan bae urban dictionary di TikTok. Tonton konten populer dari kreator berikut: Relle(@bachibae), 😚urban dictionary😚(@.urban._.dictionary), Casey Brown(@downtoownbrown), Calah Flores(@sunshine_squarepants), Courtney(@courtymort81) . Temukan video pendek yang berkaitan dengan sus urban dictionary di TikTok.

My means one  Back. Loading Top definition. Fi · Another word for 'TO'. Seh mi and Gurpz Resi link up kum fi create a plan.
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The term ' Covidiot' denotes a person who skips self-quarantine and  6 Nov 2016 Our handy millennial slang dictionary will keep you up to date with the latest millennial words and phrases like woke, woes, ship, and smol. This dictionary of British slang includes popular words and phrases that you might hear in the UK and will help you with spoken English. 19 Mar 2021 Bag holder is an informal investment term used to describe an investor who holds a position in a stock that decreases in value until it is  Deseret Industries.

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A dictionary of real slang words. The Online Slang Dictionary has a slang ('urban') thesaurus, maps, usage voting, offensiveness ratings, and more. 2016-10-10 · Wow, gotta try some of these!! 10 Dirty Urban Dictionary Definitions That’ll Make You Horny And Amused © Urban Dictionary. All rights reserved. DI definition: 1.