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175. Charcoal. 415. 24 Jan 2020 by Unika Vaev (200mm airgap) 24mm: Ecoustic® SC 24mm is ideal for medium to high VOC emissions: Voc Ecoustic Emission Test.

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This collection is available in 34 color-ways.. - ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are available in 5 thicknesses: .35”, .47”, .53”, .94”, & .98” - ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are available in an array of color options depending on thickness selected. - Simple and efficient installation process of assembled Flats. - Flats can be installed easily into existing or new fit-outs. - ecoustic® V can be installed in vertical or horizontal orientation - Custom pattern designs are a possibility, please contact Unika Vaev customer service for more information - All 'grooves' on both panels and tiles are approximately 3/16" or 5mm in depth ecoustic® Lens is an acoustic baffle designed to integrate with Sculpt™ Classic Shallow drop-in ceiling tile system and enhance acoustic performance (NRC 0.9 - 1.0). Available in four designs, Channel 1050 + 2300, Trio + Quartet, each Lens design can be featured within a ceiling area for added depth and texture as well as assist in zoning spaces visually and acoustically.

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Unika Vaev means "unique weave" in Danish. Contact Customer Service - Contact Unika Vaev Customer Service for detailed cleaning instructions Green Star + LEED - ecoustic® Felt is Greentag Level A Certified and can achieve maximum Green Star points ecoustic® panels are designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors.

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Our collection of Acoustic   Each of the 10 profiles measures 4.5” (115mm). - ecoustic Sculpt™ designs are ceiling tiles created in profiles from Unika Vaev's ecoustic® SC PET panels that  bay with HON's acoustical solutions by Unika Vaev that are designed to Ecoustic®. Solid Core.

The leader in Acoustic Products and Textiles | Unika Vaev is recognized as a Custom made Banner baffles from our ecoustic® Panels ✨ featured in this airy +  The HON Company and Unika Vaev Announce Partnership Agreement. share. INSTAGRAM · FACEBOOK · PINTEREST · TWITTER · LINKEDIN · YOUTUBE. Unika Vaev's ecoustic® e3 self-sticking hexagon tiles tease your geometric temptations. Rachel ZimmermanMaterial / Product. Ecoustic Foliar - The Ecoustic Foliar panel series from Unika Vaev makes acoustic design stylish and functional for all.
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HON Acoustics by Unika Vaev Care + Install Guide . • ecoustic® Baffles should be removed from the ceiling or wall to ensure they can be cleaned safely. 2021-01-07 · View all Unika Vaev's new product introductions from Abstracta, Instyle and Unika Vaev Design Studio in 2020. Ecoustic® Loop is an acoustic panel print designed by Tom Skeehan.

Taken a step too far, and workers will be driven to distraction. Keep disruptive noise levels at bay with HON's acoustical solutions by Unika Vaev that are designed to help absorb and diffuse sound within workspace interiors. Unika Vaev’s ecoustic® Range Solves Architects’ Acoustic Challenges . Meticulous research by Unika Vaev is helping architects overcome the complexities of sound within space.
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The ecoustic® screen consists of polyester felt fabric adhered to both sides of a rigid, PET acoustic core. This collection is available in 34 color-ways. .

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• ecoustic® Panels are supplied in box and panel numeric sequence to assist in the installation and identification process as per examples below. ecoustic® Installation + Care Guidelines V290915 ecoustic® Arbor Alto is created from the beautiful Solid Color Panel collection.